We are the pioneer and specialist of Large Surfaced Pulsating Magnetic Fields, inductive Bio Stimulation and Photodynamic Bio-Stimulation with IR-Laser Rays.


We build and rely  on basic research!


elec system Pulsating Magnetic Field devices are manufactured in Germany since more than 45 years:


“Made in Germany, top quality and competent know-how!”


No other company has conducted more intensive basic research with a number of famous institutes and universities in many countries than elec system - especially in exploring the physiological mechanism of Pulsating Mangetic Fields, the IBS Inductive Bio-Stimulation with Large Surfaced Pulsating Magnetic Fields.

Discover the wide range of services for specific applications.
Our Vitapulse and Magnetotron devices are designed in a modular system -  with many options to be 
tailored to all specific requirements.
Both, for the office as well as for private use.
With elec system you rely on the right partner, because our experience has led to many innovative 
solutions. Be a step ahead of others. Trust in our competence.
“We do not sell a device but a solution”  is our motto.
“Customer satisfaction” is our goal.
Of course, this includes everything from pre-sale information to after-sales support of 
our customers.

 See for yourself !