The devices are equipped with a large range of individual selections allowing to choose the best possible parameter settings requested for the individual application.

The Magnetotron P-devices are provided with 2 application outlets. Due to the 2 outlets,  they can be upgraded with additional applicators for extra places - two and more application places can be operated simultaneously. It is also possible to have  various application places in different cabin compartments.



The Magnetotron Portable Device-Line


 1.) Magnetotron Portable with 1 coil applicator

Generally the treatment coil is used in sitting position or comfortable in a bed, for example for the application in the head area. Experts prefer the coil applicator because of its special features and results.


2.) Magnetotron Portable with 2 pad applicators


The pads can be used in an bed or on a chair.


3.) Magnetotron Portable with 1 blanket applicator


The blanket applicator can be used in a bed and on a chair, for a comfortable application.


4.) Magnetotron Portable with 2 semi-circular applicators - currently not available -















The 2 semi-circular applicators are placed on both sides of the body.


Here are some examples of two application places - two application places can be simultaneously


with 1 coil applicator and 1 blanket applicator

with 4 pad applicators





with 2 pad applicators and 1 blanket aapplicator


The Magnetotron applicators:


The coil applicator
(experts preferably use the coil applicator),
the pad applicators
(1 set consists of 2 pieces),
the blanket applicator,
the semi-circular applicator with multi-function arm

can be selected and assembled according to any specific need of the practice in a clinic.