The compact and versatile Vitapulse devices are  used in offices, clinics practioners and home application.

The particular construction of the Vitapulse device is based on the so called window effect and  allows easy handling





Vitapulse Devices


1.) Vitapulse with 1 coil applicator


Usually the coil applicator is used in sitting position. It can also be applied in a bed or on a couch.

Experts preferably use the coil applicator because of its special features.


2.) Vitapulse with 1 blanket applicator 

The blanket applicator can be used in a bed and on a chair for a comfortable application.


3.) Vitapulse with 2 pad applicators


One set consists of 2 pads. The pad applicators can be used in a bed or on a chair.


4.) Vitapulse with 2 portable semi-circular applicators - currently not available -



5.) Vitapulse with 1 semi-circular applicator installed on mobile rack

      - currently not available -


This version is mostly used in practioner offices where the Vitapulse is used temporary or when it has to be moved to various office places, for example at dentist offices.   

For clinics and physicians owning the larger Magnetotron device, the versatile Vitapulse device offers extra capability to increase patient capacity, for example for home applicaton for handicapped people or those who live far away from the clinic/practice. The Vitapulse device provides an additional source of income for the professional practice and clinic.