The construction, components, applicators of the elecsystem.


The elecsystem devices include a complete system of modular components and applicators which can be assembled and upgraded to all clinical and general practice requirements as well as for home use. This allows optimization of medical application and economic considerations.

Each of the basic devices Vitapulse and Magnetotron consist of an impulse generator. The impulse generator produces the impulse current, which is needed to build up the Large Surfaced Pulsating Magnetic Field-Therapy.


The Vitapulse generator can be operated with one applicator or with one set of treatment pads (1 set consists of 2 pieces) and one set of semi-circular treatment applicators (1 set consists of 2 pieces).

The Magnetotron generator is provided with 2 therapy outlets. Therefore two and more treatment applicators can be connected - more patients can be treated simultaneoulsy.

All applicators are compatible and interchangeable with both basic devices Vitapulse and Magnetotron.


1.) The concendric large surfaced induction Coil Applikator


The diameter of the pulsating magnetic field therapy induction coil is 50 cm (approx. 20 inch.) - the height is 20 cm (approx. 8 inch.). Inside the induction coil applicator an almost homogeneous pulsating magnetic field is generated. The large surfaced pulsating magnetic fields are not only produced inside the induction coil applicator, but they also develop in large and long circles outside the induction treatment coil up to the immense length of 2 meters on each of both sides of the induction coil applicator. This is the most effective application.


Small patients can be treated on the lap of the pet owner.


2.) The Blanket Applicator 

The blanket applicator is used for  small animals and horses/large animals. Small animals lay on the blanket applicator.

For the treatment of horses, the blanket applicator is placed on the trunk and neck area. The size of the treatment blanket is 105 x 50 cm / 42 x 20 inch. The investment is very advantageous since the blanket applicator is used for both, small and large animals/horses.


3.) The Pad Applicator 

The pad applicator are delivered in a set of 2 pieces. They are placed side by side. The animal lays on the pads. For the treatment of small animals (cats ect.) one pad is sufficient. So, two animals can be receive the application  simultaneously with one set (1 set consists of 2 pads). Small animals can  receive the application  on the lap of the pet owner. For the application on hips of big dogs, the two pads are placed on both sides on the hip. The size of each pad is 45 x 45 cm / approx. 18 x 18 inch. The investment is very advantageous since the pads are used both, for small and large animals/horses.


For the application on horse and large animals,  the universal pads (1 set consists of 2 pieces) are applied on legs and trunk/neck area . The pads are flexible. They are wrapped around the legs and fixed by belts with a buckle. This guarantees a long lifespan which is not the case with velcro fastening. If hairs get into the velcro, the velcro fastening does not close properly after some time.


4.) The Semi-Circular Applicator - currently not available -

Die Halbrund-Winkelapplikatoren erzeugt ein großflächig pulsierendes magnetisches Streufeld, mit einer Flussdichte von max. 10 mT/ Impulsspitzenwert.

The semi-circular applicators are delivered in a set of 2 pieces. The animal is placed in between the 2 semi-circular applicators. The semi-circular applicators are installed on a rack (with an easy snap-on system). The rack with the 2 semi-circular applicators can be adjusted according the size of the animal. The semi-circular  applicators can be detached from the rack. The set of semi-circular applicators can also be delivered without the rack.


5.) The Dogbox

The complete upper and lower part of the Dogbox generates a Large Surfaced Pulsating Magnetic Field. The upper part opens up like a lid which is convenient to place the animal into the Dogbox, immediately after surgery.

The Dogbox is a vailabe in various sizes according needed.

The Box is also helpfull if the animal is restless and if it does not want to stay in the induction coil, or on the blanket or pads.


 6.) The Horse Blanket

The Horse Blanket is provided with integrated Large Surfaced Pulsating Magnetic Field applicators. The Horse Blanket is applied like a regular horse blanket.

The investment is very advantageous since the Horse Blanket is used for the application of small animals as well.