From the very beginning and the development up today



Magnetotron 1974/75 – first

elec system Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy Device with impulse control.


In the early 1979`, elec system developed a technical procedure using Large Surfaced Pulsating Magnetic Fields (PMFs) to exert an influence on human and animal organism.


1974 the first series of elec system Large Surfaced Pulsating Magnetic Field devices were manufactured and are in use in various sectors of Human and Veterinary Medicine.


This non-invasive method is based on the principle that Large Surfaced Pulsating Magnetic Fields of the specific elec system frequency, intensity and characteristics can exert an influence on biological processes.



For many years elec system has conducted intensive pioneering and basic research on famous universities, especially in exploring the physiologal mechanism of action of the IBS Inductive Bio-stimulation with Large Surfaced Pulsating Magnetic Fields.


Worldwide thousands of elec system PMF therapy devices (Magnetotron, Biopulse, Vitapulse, Sanapulse,Vitra) are currently in use in clinics, hospitals, physician's offices and physiotherapeutic institutes, for home use and in Veterinary Medicine.


1978 the first horse treatment – this very effective application with the human coil applicator was the beginning in Veterinary Medicine.


All ORIGINAL elec system devices are manufactured in Germany!


Some of these devices look almost identical to the elec system magnetic field and biophoton devices.

They offer devices which look or almost identical to the elec system magnetic field and biophoton device.

There are illegal product copies in all economic areas, if the ORIGINAL product is exceptionally good.

However, illegal copied devices can not and do not achieve the outstanding results of the
elec system devices.
Ilegal copies of our devices are just devices which do NOT contain the data of our sientific back ground 
and of our long years of experience in basic research and practise as well as the medical and technical
know how of the elec system ORIGINAL.

Very often the copyright of our elec system printings and scientific studies with our devices Magnetotron,
biopulse, Sanapulse, Vitapulse, combi 900 and Vitra is breached.

It is important to know that these successful studies and printings do relate only to the elec system

IBS devices. They cannot be attributed to any  other or copied magnetic field or biophoton devices.


Other magnetic field therapy and biophoton therapy system/device work in a different way. Therefore the potential and achievements of our devices are not derivable to other devices.


From the idea to the finished device with after-sales service, makes elec system a single and reliable source.


With elec systemyou rely on the righ partner, because our experience has led to many innovative solutions.


Be a step ahead of others. Trust in our competents