The elecsystem devices include a complete system of modular components and applicators which can be assembled and upgraded to all clinical and general practice requirements as well as for home use. This allows optimization of medical application and economic considerations.

The basic devices Vitapulse and Magnetotron (on request the Magnetotron device can be delivered in a sturdy aluminium case) consist each of an impulse generator.


The impulse generator produces the impulse current, which is needed to build up the Large Surfaced Pulsating Magnetic Field.


The Magnetotron generator can be operated with several applicators (wich allows various therapy places) blanket applicators, pads, horse treatment blanket.


The Vitapulse generator can be operated with 1 blanket applicator or with 1 set of treatment pads (1 set consists of 2 pads) ore with 1 horse treatment blanket with 4 integreated magnetic field applicators.


All applicators are compatible and interchangeable with both basic devices Vitapulse and Magnetotron.


The universal treatment pads are used for the treatment of the trunk, the neck and the legs.


The universal pad applicators are flexible and can be wrapped around the leg. They are fixed with by a belt with a buckle. This allows a long durability which is not the case with velcro fasteners. If the hairs gets into the velcro, the velcro fasteners do not hold an close anymore.


Various positioning of pad applicators on legs, joints, trunck an neck area.


The size of each treatment pad is 45x45 cm / approx.. 18 x 18 inch.


The investment is very advantageous since the treatment blanket is uses for both, small an large animals/horses.