The compact and versatile Vitapulse devices are used in veterinary clinics and for home treatment


The particular construction of the Vitapulse devices is based on the so calles window effect an allows easy handling


Vitapulse K

with 2 Pad Applicators

The 2 Pad Applicators are used for small animals and horses/large animals



The pad applicators are delivered in a set of 2 pads


For the treatment the animal lays of sits on the pad. For the treatment of a small animal 1 pad is sufficient. Two small animals can be treated simultaneously with 2 pads.


For the treatment of larger pads, the 2 pads are placed next to each other. When treating big dogs with hip displacia the 2 pads are placesd on each hip.


For a comfortable treatment in a dog box each pad is placed inside or outside of each side of the box